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Heartsongs is a team of #1, award-winning, and critically-acclaimed songwriters and producers who create unforgettable, transcendent moments through song.


Through our Story-to-Song process, we collaborate with you to create a one-of-a-kind, radio-quality song for your loved one or special event.


recorded on #1, Award-Winning, and Critically-Acclaimed Albums


on Spotify

and Youtube


Pop, Country, Indie, Singer-Songwriter, Hip-Hop...

We do it all.

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Rebekah Powell is a #1 award-winning songwriter, artist, producer, certified life coach, and founder of Heartsongs Music. 

After growing up in Nashville in a family of award-winning songwriters, she began her music career at the age of 16 when she became the youngest person at  the time to ever perform for Congress to advocate for  songwriters’  rights.  She has gone on to work with

celebrated artists and producers such as Zooey Deschanel (of She & Him), Ward Thomas, James Otto, Sarah Darling, TyDi, Alice on the Roof, and many others. She has had over 40 songs recorded on major, best-selling, and critically-acclaimed albums in several genres and received a #1 Award for her 10-song contribution to Ward Thomas’s chart-topping record Cartwheels, the first country album to ever reach #1 in the UK. 


As a songwriter and coach, she explores the power of storytelling to unlock deep presence and authentic self-expression. Over the last decade plus, she has hosted workshops on creativity, mentored writers and artists, and co-facilitated quarterly team-building keynotes on the art of collaboration for a Fortune 100 company. 

I’ll never forget it. Standing on the flagstone patio in Napa Valley at my wedding reception, staring out at all of my loved ones’ smiling faces -- and the music began.


"To be loved by you is to begin again...."

I sang, performing the song I’d written for my husband Derek as a surprise. The song's melody and lyrics spun the story of our love, our past, our promises, our hopes - and cast a spell on everyone there.  In that moment, we were all deeply connected in unconditional, joyful love. We all experienced that moment together. The song ended, and I tumbled into my husband's arms, both of us in tears of joy. 


My dad stood to make his toast -- and the music began.


"Always standing there in the shadows, watching you grow. Now I'm standing in candlelight letting you go..."

He had written a song as a surprise for ME, and as it played, the melody and lyrics spun the story of a father's love for his daughter. And once again, it felt as if a spell were cast over everyone there - we were all connected in that moment, overcome with love. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Everyone there was moved to tears, hugging each other. I’ve never felt more loved, more grateful, or more alive.


Now, 5 years later,  when I listen to the two original songs from my wedding, I am instantly transported back to that unforgettable, transcendent moment. More than my photos, more than my wedding video, those songs are my anchor to that perfect day when my loved ones and I were all together, feeling connected to each other, and a sense of the eternal.


I get to relive that moment again and again, simply by listening. That is the power of music.


That is the moment Heartsongs was born from.


I believe everyone deserves to feel the way I did in that moment

and every time I listen to the songs from my wedding- 

connected, loved, joyful, transcendent, forever.

Meet Rebekah

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